Is egypt is safe to travel in 2015

khan1 There are always too many ask this question since the revolution specially Egypt became part of the news since then but they always doubt about the safety in Egypt

That’s why too many change their mind

But to answer that we should know more about the situation before 2011

Egypt probably used to be the safest destination to travel to before jan 2011

Even during the revolution Egypt still was safe

Now we think it is the best time to travel to Egypt the government care a lot about tourism security in tourist cities more than before 2011

The feedback of most of our guests always great about the security and safety in Egypt

Many of them they say they feel safer than in their home land

It is the best time to travel to Egypt the prices much cheaper tourist sites more quiet than before so in many places you will have the sight for yourself y avoiding to go to dark side street

Or to go in the middle of demonstration to exanimate it

The only thing you need to do to use your common sense b

To make sure from what we say check the traveler reviews in the travel forum like tripadvisor or fodors

Also be noticed that Egypt didn’t recorded any accident or violence against single tourist since 2011

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